A Simpler, Safer, Smart Phone – Connect 2 Available Now In Australia.

Connect 2 is an Android Smart Phone, running Android 11 and available for Australian Cellular Networks, Telstra – Optus – Vodafone.

Including VoLTE and Wifi Calling for great call quality.

Connect 2 includes a Call Manager to allow or block calls from different phone numbers, at different times of the day.

Download your favourite apps from the many thousands available on the Google Play Store.

Includes device case, screen protector (factory installed), earbuds, and charging cable.

G-mee Play 2 Smart Player Has Sold Out In The US – Final Units Available In Australia!! 

The perfect Stream Music, Play MP3s, Stream Movies and load your favourite apps from the thousands available on the Google Play store.

No camera, so no capture and share of video and images.

A great device for younger device users, with easy set-up Parental Controls, included.

Includes screen protector, earbuds, and charging cable.

***Security Update***

As part of our efforts to keep your G-mee device is safe we have begun pushing a security update to the G-mee Play 2. This update will begin this week and could take a few days to appear on your device. If you are using a G-mee Play 2 please download and install the update (connect to Wi-Fi first!) and this will bring your device up to date with released security protocols.

We have tested the security update extensively in our lab without issue, but if you have further questions or run into problems during the install, please contact G-mee support.

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