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Welcome to G-Mee, where we bring you smart, simple, and safer devices for kids.

Our devices are thoughtfully designed with built-in parental control, no cameras, and a remote management app (available for selected models only) to ensure a safe and controlled digital experience.

G-Mee implemented features and designs to ensure a safer digital environment

Why G-Mee is Safer?

G-mee App Locker: This built-in feature of G-Mee devices allows parents or guardians to manage and customize access to apps and content, ensuring a safer digital experience tailored to kids’ needs.

No Cameras: Our devices come without cameras, offering an additional layer of protection for your child. By eliminating cameras, the risk of inappropriate photo or video sharing is greatly reduced, protecting children’s privacy and preventing social media oversharing.

G-Mee Co-pilot App (available for selected models only): With this new feature, you can remotely manage your child’s G-Mee device from your own device. Whether you’re at work or running errands, you can still ensure they’re accessing the right content and staying safe online. 

G-Mee offers two types of devices, each catering to different needs and preferences

The Smartplayers offer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to enjoy streaming, browsing, app downloads, and other online activities. Smartplayers prioritize simplicity and entertainment, making them an excellent choice for kids who don’t require full phone functions.

The Smartphone models offer full phone functions. These devices provide comprehensive smartphone capabilities, including voice calling, SMS messaging, internet browsing, app downloads, and more. They are suitable for users who desire a versatile and complete smartphone experience.




the G-Mee Connect Pro, the ultimate choice for advanced parental control

What Sets G-mee Connect Pro apart from other Phones?

G-Mee Co-pilot: The G-Mee Co-pilot feature provides you with the ability to remotely manage your child's device from your own device. You can have full control and oversight, ensuring their online activities align with your family's values and guidelines.

Fingerprint Scanner: The built-in fingerprint scanner adds an extra layer of security and convenience. Only authorized users can access the device, providing peace of mind knowing that your child's content and data are protected.

NFC for Tap/Pay Payments: With NFC functionality, G-Mee Connect Pro enables quick and secure contactless payments. Enjoy the convenience of making transactions with a simple tap.

Torch/Flashlight: The G-Mee Connect Pro features a practical torch/flashlight, ensuring you always have a reliable light source whenever you need it.

No Cameras: G-Mee Connect Pro is designed without cameras, eliminating the risk of social media oversharing and protecting your child's privacy.

We believe in empowering parents to curate their child's digital experience. With G-Mee Play Pro, you can ensure that only approved and age-appropriate content is available, allowing your child to explore a personalized digital world.

The G-mee App Locker allows you to introduce content that aligns with your values and supports your child's development, and blocks apps you do not approve (including Playstore to prevent additional app downloads).

Avoid distractions. No Calls. No SMS. No cameras to avoid social media oversharing.


Meet the G-Mee Play Pro, where you can control the content your child accesses


Start your child's digital journey on the right path with the G-Mee Play 3

Encourage your child's love for music by creating personalized playlists and introducing them to diverse genres.

Let their imaginations soar as they dive into captivating movies that inspire and entertain.

Spark their curiosity with educational games that promote learning and development.

Immerse them in a world of knowledge and storytelling with captivating audiobooks and podcasts.

Foster mindfulness and self-awareness through engaging mindfulness activities tailored to their age.

We believe in fostering good digital habits from an early age. With the G-Mee Play 3, you have the perfect tool to introduce your kids to age-appropriate content.

Say goodbye to preloaded Google apps - G-mee Play Lite gives you the freedom to customize your experience by adding only the apps you love.

To keep things clean and simple, we've incorporated a selection of cool apps for you to get started. And if that's not enough, you can easily expand its capabilities by loading new apps. Simply tap the G-mee Suggested App icon on the homesacreen of the device to access a curated list of apps you might need or connect your PC/Mac to download and install apps. You can visit our support portal for all set-up instructions.

We've designed the G-mee Play Lite in response to an overwhelming number of requests from our valued customers who wants a clutter-free device with one or two apps that matter.

Whether you're a fan of Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, or any other popular music streaming platform, G-mee Play Lite has got you covered.


Looking for a Simple App Player?
G-mee Play Lite might just be it!

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