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G-mee Connect

Your Kids' First Smart Phone

Protecting its Users from Inappropriate Contents

G-mee Connect is Designed to Offer Its Users:


G-mee Play

Your Kids' First Smart Player

Protecting its users from Inappropriate Contents

G-mee Play is Designed to Offer Its Users:


Best Smartphone for Young Members of the Family

Meet the G-mee Connect!

A smartphone designed to help children grow capable and responsible in the digital world.

G-mee Connect is specially designed for children that are ready for their first smartphone. It will give parents complete control and the ability to restrict and free up functionality when the time is right for your child to have more accessibility.

Made by parents for parents to have peace of mind when it comes to giving their child their first device.

Unlocked 4G Smartphone

Best Features:

Included Parental Controls

Included Call Manager

No Cameras

Best Smartplayer for Young Members of the Family

Meet the G-mee Play!

A smart player designed with kids’ internet safety in mind.

G-mee Play is designed to offer you everything that you want, and nothing that you don’t. It makes the perfect device when you are looking for a first touch screen device for your child.

Nobody wants to risk the dangers of handing their child a phone.

G-mee Play gives you the ability to download any app you allow, while also blocking and preventing any risks from the ones you don’t.

Play Your Favorite Google Apps

Best Features:

Ability to Lock Apps

Limit online access-no sim card

No Cameras

Why G-mee Is Safer


Parents can lock any apps they deem inappropriate for their kids using G-mee's APP LOCK feature.  

Now, you have more control on what your kids can and cannot access. 

No Camera

G-mee Devices has NO Camera to keep kids away from photo and video sharing.  

Parents/Guardians/Grandparents can have Peace of Mind while the kids are having great experience with G-mee Smart Devices.

Easy to Set-up

Designed by Parents for Fellow Parents. Even Non-Techy Parents, Guardians and Grandparents can Easily Set-up G-mee Smart Device. The device comes with a manual on how to set-up g-mee to maximize its features without getting frustrated.

You can also watch our How-to-Videos Here.

G-mee, Only the Good Stuff

Finding the Right Balance in a Smart Device couldn’t be easier, Thanks to G-mee!

Navigating the Device Marketplace can be extremely Difficult and Time-Consuming

With your best interest in mind, G-mee has created a range of products to help you make an informed decision

We are here to help. It's now as simple as asking do you want a Smartphone or a Smartplayer? 

What Parents are Saying


“We had been looking for the right device for our 11 year old for a while after the constant request for a phone when she was travelling to and from school or at a friends, and then we found the G-Mee which has given us a device that is cool (her words) and safe.

And the service we have had from the G-Mee team is fantastic, many others could learn from it, speedy delivery and queries have been answered in a very helpful manner and again super quick. Have now recommended this phone to 3 of our friends."



“It delivers as promised and has made it so much easier to manage a device that my child can use without worrying about any dangers



“When our two boys (9 and 12) started catching the bus to and from school we wanted a device that would be effective but help protect them from content other devices could expose them to. Our G-mee was the perfect solution. No camera. We are able to lock any programs we want, e.g. internet browsing or youtube.

If we ever want to, it's easy to unblock e.g. for a long car trip for entertainment. The device is compatible with Life 360 which runs well in the background to help us and them know where we all are! The boys can text or call their friends, during the hours we let them have access to the device which makes them feel like they aren't left out.

At school, the device at first glance looks like a 'normal' smart phone which is a relief to Master 12 and his desire to look cool! Couldn't be happier and we are relieved we found this device right when we needed it!"



“It delighted my 8 year old daughter when she received her very own device. I was delighted that I found a device that was safe for her to use. Affordable and easy to use, it gets a big thumbs up from me."



“We purchased two G-mee's as we were sick of our kids taking over our devices. We wanted something safe, good quality, easy to use and easily transportable. The G-mee ticked all of these boxes. Highly recommend these as a great affordable option for kids."


Read more reviews here.

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