G-Mee Play Lite | Android 9.0 Smartplayer | Multimedia Player | No Google Apps and Services

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  • Introducing the G-mee Play Lite. We are excited to introduce our perfectly simple MP3 and Android app player. We received loads of requests for a G-mee device that was simple to use, played a few of your favorite music streaming apps and could also host your mp3 music collection. We call it the G-mee Play Lite! We have included a few cool apps, the ability to load in new apps you can download via the inbuilt browser os using your PC/Mac.
  • Use it as an MP3 Player. A 5 inch touchscreen device perfect to load your MP3 files onto the internal 8 gigabytes storage or use the microSD slot expand the memory with an external microSD card (up to 128 GB). Easily transfer your favourite MP3 files direct from a PC or Mac using the provided micro-USB cable, or copy onto a MicrSD card and insert direct to the device.
  • No Google Apps or Services.  The G-mee Play Lite features an android OS free of bundled Google applications and services. We bundled apps including a calendar, clock, alarm clock, calculator, voice recorder, FM radio, and MP3 music player. You can just use it like an ‘android iPod’ or a Walkman to enjoy listening to your music collection.
  • Install Selected Apps Only. Have a favorite app you want to install? The G-mee Play Lite is equipped to handle that! Simply download the chosen app onto your PC or Mac, connect the charging cord, and copy the files to the device. We’ve also linked ‘G-mee Suggested Apps’ on the home screen to help you find popular apps you might want to install. Download the APK installation files for apps like Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, and Pandora – some of the apps that were tested on the device.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The device’s Bluetooth (4.0 version) and Wi-Fi ( 2.4 GHz) capabilities allow you to pair it with bluttooth headphones or speakers and play, stream, or download your favorite music, movies, or other content. If you’re looking for a simple to use touchscreen device (but not a smartphone) to keep your kids entertained, this item is ideal. Don’t take the risk by letting them use your phone; instead, buy them a G-mee Play Lite and store content and play apps they like.
  • Value for Money: G-mee Play Lite comes with 1 Clear Protector Case, 1 Screen Protector, 1 micro-USB power cable (power adapter not included), and wired Earbuds. It’s a 5″ touchscreen device perfect to be carried in smaller pockets. If you have any problems with the setup, don’t hesitate to drop us a note and we will assist you with hints/tip and product support.
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