An entry level device, G-mee offers all the on-the-go entertainment essential such as 5-inch plastic touch screen, Android OS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, expandable memory, 3.5mm headphone jack and in-built speaker. G-mee can be loaded with Apple Music or Spotify for audio enjoyment anywhere, anytime. G-mee leaves out features that lead to distraction such as a digital camera, phone connectivity and access to Google mobile services. G-mee includes a pre-installed G-mee app lock feature to manage the user’s experience for optimal engagement with safe and suitable content.

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What’s in the box?

G-mee device, Earbuds, Power Adapter, Micro USB Cable, Quick Guide, Stickers*, Clear Case*, 1 Cover*

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The G-mee team wants you to get the most out of your entertainment device. Watch these videos to help guide you through your G-mee.

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