What Is G-mee?

This is G-mee, the touch screen devices delivering your favourite streaming entertainment.

Its smart, safe and fits in your pocket.

You’ll notice that G-mee has no cameras, as this is an entertainment device.

Every G-mee has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, a 5-inch plastic touch screen, FM radio receiver and a 2200 milliamp-hour battery. 

We’ve also included basic parental controls allowing you to pin lock the apps and settings on every G-mee. Don’t know the pin? Then you can’t open the app!

There are three versions of G-mee.

g-mee, G-mee Play and G-mee Connect.

G-mee is perfect for listening to apps like Spotify and Apple music with limited distractions.

G-mee Play has the same hardware but is a Google registered device. So, we’ve pre-installed some Google services like YouTube, Google Maps and Chrome, and you can download and install your favourite apps via the Google play store.

G-mee Connect is just like the g-mee Plus but with 4G connectivity. Your G-mee connect will stream your favourite entertainment via Wi-Fi and 4G, make and receive calls and also text.

With G-mee Connect we’ve included the ability to personalise the incoming and outgoing call and SMS experience. using our preloaded Call block. Block or Approve incoming call and SMS traffic as you decide.

Find your G-mee, a safer smart device.