Installing Your Sim and Connecting To Your Provider – G-mee Connect

Your G-mee Connect comes with a single Micro Sim slot, compatible for calls, sms and data. Unlocked and ready to connect to your chosen provider (compatible with all three Australian Mobile Network Providers – Telstra, Optus and Vodafone).

To get connected to your network, you will need a Micro Sim card. Sim cards come in three different sizes, Standard, micro and nano. Most sim cards are sold together as one with the ability to pop out the correctly sized sim card that your device requires.

If you are using a Nano Sim card, you can use this card in your G-mee Connect, but you must place the Nano Sim inside the plastic edging that allows the sim card fit a Micro Sim card slot. If you slide the Nano sim card into the slot without this edging the G-mee Connect will not recognise the sim card.

Now, insert your Micro sim card in the G-mee, ensure the battery is in place and close the back cover of the device. 

Power on your device and the inserted sim card will supply your G-mee Connect with the information it needs to connect to your chosen Mobile Network provider.

Depending on your provider, your G-mee Connect may need more information to connect to the phone network so it can download and upload data. This information is called the ‘Access Point Name’ or APN settings.

You can add this information by visiting Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Advanced > Access point names.

Once here, select the option for your provider from the list.

If your provider isn’t listed, you can enter the specific APN setting that will enable your device to connect better to your chosen mobile network. Be sure to enter this information into the APN setting marked with a dot on the right side of the page. This is the setting your G-mee Connect is using when it sends and receives mobile data.

Now you can enter the specific APN settings that will assist your G-mee Connect to better connect to your chosen mobile network.

If you need the APN details of your chosen network, you can find a selection of them below;

TPG Mobile