Choosing The Right G-mee For You

With three models to choose from, it’s important to know which device is the one that will give you the results you want. We’ve summed up each of the products to help make your choice easier.

There are three G-mee devices for you to choose between. G-mee, G-mee Plus and G-mee Connect. All G-mee devices are certified to meet a range of registered safety standards, and you can find more details on the website.

How you plan to use your G-mee is the best starting point when considering which G-mee device is best for you.

G-mee is the perfect device if you plan for your G-mee to deliver streaming music from services like Spotify or Apple music.

G-mee requires no Google account and no setup Wizard. Your G-mee does not include pre-installed Google services you are forced to keep on your device.

Just unbox your G-mee, input your Wi-Fi details and install the app from your chosen entertainment service.

Your G-mee is now ready to entertain you.

We’ll offer updates from time to time should new entertainment services begin to trend and to keep your G-mee operating software secure.

G-mee Play is G-mee, PLUS the inclusion of Google Mobile Services. You get the same G-mee hardware, but G-mee Play comes pre-loaded with lots of popular Google services.

Your G-mee Play can access compatible apps via the Google PlayStore. Don’t forget to enter the username and password for your active Google Account.

G-mee Play brings voice search, offering another way to conveniently locate your favourite songs and other content.

You can also share your music to compatible Google Chromecast compatible speakers and devices.

We have pre-installed some Google services like Google Maps and YouTube. These services are locked to G-mee Play, but you can use the G-mee App Lock to restrict their operation.

Our third device in the range is G-mee Connect. Its the perfect device if you want your G-mee experience to include mobile data and the ability to make and receive calls and SMS.

With G-mee Connect we’ve included 4G Cellular Connectivity. So by inserting a Sim card with an activated network plan, your G-mee Connect has the ability to stay connected with you as you go out and about.

G-mee Connect runs Android 9.0 and is registered for Google Mobile Services. So you’ll get the same Google services you do with G-mee Play, and a few new ones that come with the Android 9.0 update.

G-mee Connect comes bundled with a Call Block solution, allowing you to manage the devices inbound and outbound calls and SMS.

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