The Story Behind G-mee

Around two years ago we began a journey, one that we hoped would create a brand-new type of smart device. We had begun creating G-mee. G-mee wasn’t trying to be all things to all people, but give everybody the chance to enjoy their favourite entertainment apps, without all the interruptions that can come with your day-to-day smart device.

We also wanted this device to be something that even more people in the community could use, and use safely.

The opportunity for you to create your own entertainment ecosystem, whereever you might be. Just by putting on some headphones, listening to the inbuilt speaker or connecting a larger one.

We didn’t want to include cameras or social media, or email and a browser. We want a device that would be free of alerts and reminders. G-mee would be a device you could pick up, swipe up and hit play on whatever your favourite entertainment apps should be.

For us it was music, my kids have used G-mee in their rooms to listen to their Spotify accounts. Others who have trialled G-mee during the development talk of enjoying audiobooks and podcasts.

For you G-mee might help you enjoy something else, but whatever it is, we hope that G-mee helps bring you your favourite entertainment.

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