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Australian Smart Tech Brand, G-mee, Partners with Australia Post

Australian smart tech start-up, G-mee, has secured Australia Post as a national retail partner for the brand’s G-mee Connect smartphone.

The G-mee range, consisting of the G-mee Plus smart player and G-mee Connect smartphone, is an Australian innovation created to support the safe exploration of smart technology by young users.

G-mee offers all the features desired for on-the-go-entertainment and removes digital temptations. With no digital camera and a built-in G-mee App Lock, G-mee is already being recognised as the safe smart device to satisfy both parent and child needs.

The G-mee Connect is the smartphone model of the range and offers access to Google mobile services such as Google Play and YouTube, as well as 4G cellular connectivity. This device facilitates phone calls, SMS and the use of data for browsing and downloading content anytime.

Like all G-mee devices, the G-mee Connect comes with a built-in App Lock to ensure users only access age appropriate content. The smartphone also enables download of a free Call Manager App, giving parents the ability to disallow calls from specific numbers at specific times of the day.

G-mee creator, Australian tech expert and father of three daughters, Charlie Brown, says the partnership with Australia Post will make safe smart technology accessible to more users.

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“One of the key things we’ve learned from the events of 2020, is that smart devices are now a necessity. So too is having an awareness of keeping safe online,” Mr Brown explains.

“We launched G-mee online earlier this year and our online sales show great promise. Parents are seeing the benefits of G-mee for their kids’ digital use and are telling their friends. Now it’s time to take G-mee to another level.”

“We’re excited to offer G-mee Connect smartphones through participating Australia Post outlets nationally. Aussie families will now be able to find safe smartphone options online and at participating Australia Post outlets to stay connected once they return to school in 2021.”

“Australia Post outlets across the country have evolved to become more than just a place to send letters and packages. Now they are also regarded as a source for quality technology and gadgets at a reasonable price point.”

“The G-mee Connect smartphone is all about giving everyday Australian families affordable device options that prioritise online safety for young users. Our products give parents the ability to curate the content their child engages with, to help guide and educate them about safely using smart technology to become informed users into the future.”

The G-mee Connect is available at participating Australia Post outlets nationally from mid-January 2021 for $149.95.

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