Setting Up The G-mee App Lock

Your G-mee device comes with built-in content controls to help manage the apps that can be used on the device.

G-mee App Lock is a preinstalled feature that allows individual apps to be encrypted and accessible only after entering a pin number.

To open G-mee app lock, open your settings, click on Security & Location, Advanced, App Locker.

You will now be asked to set a pin code.

Once chosen, select the apps you want to encrypt with g-mee App Lock – this is displayed by the padlock next to each app. Locked means that is encrypted, unlocked means it’s available to access without the pin.

Click on the switch at the top of the page to turn the feature on and off at any time.

Be sure to test some of the locked apps you have selected to ensure they have been successfully encrypted.

Each app is still installed and can still be used by simply entering your selected pin code.

You can also use app lock to block access to your g-mee settings, by locking ‘settings’ in the list.

You can still adjust basic functions like volume controls, but access to the settings menu is now locked.

For those with a G-mee Play or G-mee Connect, App Lock can also block access to new apps being installed by locking the ‘Google Play store’.

You can now leave your google account entered into the Play store, but no apps can be added to your g-mee without entering your pin.

All G-mee versions include G-mee App Lock.

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