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Setting Up Your G-mee Play

Installing Apps on Your G-mee Play

Setting Your G-mee App Lock

Disabling App on your G-mee

Setting Up Your G-mee Connect

Setting Your Call Manager

Adding Screen Protector & SIM, and Charging Device

Setting Up Your G-mee Connect 2 (AUS)

Setting Up Your G-mee App lock

Setting Up Your Call Manager

How to install Apps on your G-mee Play Lite

1. After booting up the device, connect to your Wi-Fi

2. Tap to open the G-mee Suggested App

3. It will bring you to a list of apps you might want to install

4.  Tap your favorite app to download and install the APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Speaker Not Working? Try This

Try a factory reset of the device. Occasionally, the audio driver for the device speaker may not load on first start up.

To reset your G-mee Device, follow the steps in these video.

Cant remember my device PIN code, how do I reset it?

We’ve all been there; you can't remember the PIN you set on your Smart Device. Now you can't use the device at all!

Here's how your device can be reset remotely.

How do I change the PIN on my G-mee?

Keep your device secure by updating your PIN regularly. Just don't forget it 😉

Watch how you can change your PIN in this video.

I want to change the google account on my G-mee

If you want to change the google account on your G-mee, follow the steps in this video.

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