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For the next step from G-mee into smart technology engagement, the G-mee Plus is a Smartplayer (no sim card) that gives users greater freedom to explore more through the Google mobile services. Users can expand their on-the-go entertainment by choosing from thousands of apps for download via Google Play Store, or watching their favourite clips on YouTube. Like all G-mee devices, the pre-installed G-mee APP LOCK feature manages suitable content consumption.

The G-mee Plus is a Smartplayer designed to give its users a safer digital life. It is built with the following 3 Main Principles in mind:


1. SAFETY – Built-in Safety with the APP LOCK Feature. No Cameras to avoid photo and video sharing.

2. INDEPENDENCE – With G-mee Plus, parents can allow or disallow apps you deem age or developmentally-appropriate for your kids without having to worry about the contents they are consuming. Kids can enjoy their favorite android apps in their own time. 

3. ENTERTAINMENT – In a digital world, we can’t simply cut off kids from smart devices just because there are dangers that come with it. As parents, all we can do is guide them to choose contents that are age-appropriate. Letting them listen to podcasts, music or watch their favorite videos and shows in their own time or during a road trip is a great way to keep them entertained.

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Additional information

What’s in the box?

G-mee Plus device, Earbuds, Power Adapter, Micro USB Cable, Quick Guide, Stickers*, Clear Case*, 1 Cover*

Who is this for?

Designed to offer you everything that you want, and nothing that you don’t – it makes the G-mee Plus the perfect device when you are looking for a first touch screen device for your child. 

Nobody wants to risk the dangers of handing their child a phone and giving them the keys to the kingdom. From accidental purchases from in-game features, to pay to play apps and a whole lot more – it’s easier not even to risk it.

G-mee plus gives you the ability to have a device that can download any app you allow, while also blocking and preventing any risks from the ones you don’t.


  • Android Version: Android 8.1
  • Memory Storage: 8GB inbuilt
  • Micro SD: up to 32GB
  • Apps: via Google Play Store
  • Lock Apps: with Pin Code
  • Wi-Fi:  Yes
  • Bluetooth:  Yes
  • Google Playstore:  Yes
  • Pre-loaded Google Apps:  Yes
  • Mobile 4G Data:  None
  • Mobile Network Calls and SMS:  N/A
  • Block unwanted Call and SMS:  N/A


What’s included

G-mee Connect Device

Micro USB Cable

Quick Start Guide


Power Adapter


Clear Case