GadgetGuy: G-mee may save your kids from a bad habit – a smartphone one!

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G-mee is the brainchild of Charlie and Rachael Brown – you may know him from the Channel 9 Cybershack TV show.

G-mee is really a personal content player that integrates measures for safe exploration of smart technology. It has an innovative pre-installed ‘G-mee app lock’ to guide the user’s smart device experience, and curb temptations to over-share or exposure to online risks, such as cyber-bullying.

You can block apps such as Facebook, YouTube or streaming services that can expose users to unsuitable content, or place them at risk of cyber-bullying. It is parental control on the device!

So, we decided to review the phone. And that is in two parts. Less important is the hardware. Most important is the app lock.

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