G-Mee aims a not-quite-phone at not-quite-adults

Not sure your kids need a phone, and aren’t prepared to hand your old model down? An Aussie company is trying its hand at something that might do the job.

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably heard the complaints from your kids about how they need a phone. More specifically, how they need your phone.

Your phone is now their phone, and even though it has access to all your things — most importantly, your payment details — it’s still within reach, and on request fairly regularly. It’s one reason why parents often buy kids their own phones, even if those kids aren’t necessarily prepared for owning a phone in the first place.

Phones come with responsibility, and aren’t just portable media players and computers with a connection to the web, and are the sort of things children may not always immediately understand. Or even if they do, might not be things parents are ready for yet.

If that last one rings true, an Australian company may well be thinking of you, as Australian technology commentator Charlie Brown turns to the development of a smart device of sorts that isn’t necessarily a phone, yet has many of the hallmarks of one. Instead, the G-Mee devices look to provide a media player with Android for under $150, in a world where that concept has largely disappeared.

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