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Speaker Not Working? Try This

Try a factory reset of the device. Occasionally, the audio driver for the device speaker may not load on first start up.

To reset your G-mee Device, follow the steps in this video.

Cant remember my device PIN code, how do I reset it?

We’ve all been there; you can't remember the PIN you set on your Smart Device. Now you can't use the device at all!

Here's how your device can be reset remotely.

How to Install the G-mee Call Manager? Follow the steps in this video

Block, Schedule or Manage calls using G-mee's Free Call Manager. Follow the steps in this tutorial to properly install the app.

My G-mee Play is Locked-Asking for Alphabetical code

This is fixed by doing an OTA update of the G-mee Play that allows a Numeric and Alphabetical pass code, rather the the current numeric code.

How do I change the PIN on my G-mee?

Keep your device secure by updating your PIN regularly. Just don't forget it 😉

Watch how you can change your PIN in this video.

I want to change the google account on my G-mee

If you want to change the google account on your G-mee, follow the steps in this video.

My G-mee Connect is not booting to the home screen after setting Family Link through the device – what can I do?

Family Link sometimes causes the handset to pause in mid-boot. To fix the issue, remove the linked account from the parents Family Link service and the g-mee connect will boot to the menu screen once again.

I am no longer able to access my G-mee device or the App lock settings as I have forgotten the relevant pin code

Users can set pin codes for securing their G-mee device and also for using the App Lock Security feature. It can be a separate pin for each function. Our goal is to keep G-mee devices secure to ensure safer device use.

Unfortunately, this also means that if you forget your pin code for either of these functions the opportunity for gaining access once again is limited. You are best to contact with the specific access issue you are experiencing and our customer support team can guide you on the best course of action. Please be aware though that this is the case with many other Android devices, if you set a pin to restrict access and then forget it, as a last resort you may need to return the device to us for a factory default reset.

I cant hear the person I am talking to when holding my G-mee Connect to my ear?

Have you removed the clear plastic screen protection film? Read more on how to do this here.

My G-mee Connect is not connecting to the mobile phone network

Have you correctly inserted your Sim card? We recommend using a Micro Sim sized Sim card, however a Nano Sim sized Sim Card will also work provided it’s inserted in the correct way. Read more about how to correctly install your Sim card so your G-mee Connect will correctly connect to your chosen mobile network provider. 


How do I change my ring tone?

We’ve written a start to finish guide on how to change a ring tone on the G-mee Connect here. 


I wanted to use the Life360 service on my G-mee Connect. Will this work and are there any settings I need to adjust to ensure it works correctly?

Yes, Life360 does work on Gmee connect. We have tested the service and have had customers confirm the service also works for them. We have written a guide on what settings to use to ensure the Life360 tracking feature works correctly. Read more about that here.

How do I update my g-mee connect?

We utilise over the air updates to provide the latest software updates, adjustments to features, security setting and even bug fixes. You can follow the process here.

What type of sim card does the G-mee Connect use?
The g-mee connect can use both a micro and a nano sim, but a micro sim is highly recommended. If you need a step by step guide on inserting your sim card,  you can find it in the how-to video section below.

What operating system does g-mee use?

The g-mee family operates on the Android operating system. Both the G-mee and G-mee Play function on Android 8.1, while the G-mee Connect operates on Android 9.0.
While it can be difficult getting used to a new system, the G-mee devices are made to live up to its name and be the perfect first smart device for families.

Can I use my kids google account as the primary account on g-mee?

Yes you can, but it needs to be linked via Google Family Link.

Also, if it is done this way, rather than using the parent account, only apps classified by the store for people at the age of 5 will appear on the device. As such, the parent wont be able to choose from all the apps on the store, only the ones Google says they can. For more setting instructions you can refer to Google for Family.

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Ready downloadable manuals

How-To Videos

The G-mee team wants you to get the most out of your entertainment
device. Watch these videos to help guide you through your G-mee.

Complete Start Up Guide

In this video, we go through the complete setup process so that you can follow the process to troubleshoot any potential problems you may be having. Below you will find timecodes to skip through the video if you are trying to troubleshoot a specific issue.
00:41 – Unboxing your device
01:19 – Removing the battery cover
02:24 – Installing your sim card
05:43 – Installing your battery
07:02 – How to do a hard reset during setup
07:32 – Power on your G-mee device
08:25 – Start-up wizard
10:20 – Battery level of a new device
11:05 – Inputting your Google account
13:28 – Device access code
14:38 – Removing the clear plastic film from the front of the device
16:22 – Charging your g-mee
17:09 – Connecting to phone network and data – APN
19:40 – G-mee App Lock feature
24:01 – Over the air updates
25:36 – Closing the back cover of your device
26:40 – Changing the g-mee connect ringtone

G-mee Quick Start Up Guide

This is your G-mee, complete with a clear case, earbuds,
charging cable and USB power adapter.

Power on your G-mee by using the button on the top right.

Once you get your device it is recommended to plug it in and let
it charge, as it won’t arrive with a fully charged battery.

To get started, connect your G-mee to a wi-fi signal or wireless

You can start your entertainment experience with the download
links of both Spotify and Apple Music linked on the home page.

Once complete, the installation process will prompt you to
remove the apk – which is the installation file that you launched
from the main screen.

As you don’t require it anymore, feel free to remove it.

You are now ready to begin using your g-mee. Be sure to watch
other videos to get the most from your g-mee device.

G-mee Connect 2 Quick Start Up Guide

This is your G-mee Connect 2, the newest smartphone from g-mee. 

Power on your G-mee by using the button on the top right. Once you get your device it is recommended to plug it in and let it charge as it won’t arrive with a fully charged battery. 

To get started, connect your device to a wi-fi signal or wireless hotspot. 

G-mee Connect 2 is registered as a Google Mobile Services device. You will be prompted to enter your google account details during the setup process. By doing this you can take advantage of popular Google services including Google Maps, Google Assistant, YouTube, and a wide range of other apps via Google PlayStore. 

Check the operating system and install any updates. You are now ready to begin using your g-mee!

Removing the back cover

Your G-mee comes with a removable back cover.

This allows access to where you will find a Micro SD slot to expand your
G-mee’s memory by up to an extra 32 GB and a removable 2200
milliamp-hour battery.

The safest way to remove your G-mee rear cover is to use a thin plastic card, like an expired loyalty card.

Carefully insert the card into the rear cover indent found at the bottom of the device.

Gently slide in and lever the plastic card in between the rear cover and your G-mee. Take care to maneuver the card around the individual plastic clasps that connect the rear cover to the main body of your G-mee device.

By slowly working the card along the entire edge from the bottom corner to the top corner. Repeat the process around the phone to completely remove the cover off of the device.

When it’s time to reconnect the rear cover, line up each corner and use your thumb and forefinger to press them together gently and work your way down the device until the rear cover is completely attached.

Your g-mee device can now be powered on and is once again ready to entertain.

Installing Your Sim Card

Your G-mee Connect comes with a single Micro Sim slot, compatible for
calls, SMS, and data. Unlocked and ready to connect to your chosen

To get connected to your network, you will need a Micro Sim card. Sim
cards come in three different sizes, Standard, micro, and nano. Most sim
cards are sold together as one with the ability to pop out the
correctly sized sim card that your device requires.

With the back case and battery out of the G-mee, insert your sim card in the G-mee, then ensure the battery is in place and close the back cover of the device.

Power on your device and the inserted sim card will supply your G-mee Connect with the information it needs to connect to your chosen provider.

Charging Your G-mee

In every G-mee box, we include a safety certified USB power adapter and a
micro USB cable that will enable you to charge your G-mee.

Due to the production and delivery requirements, G-mee products are not
dispatched with a charged battery. We recommend you charge your G-mee
prior to use.

Your G-mee includes a 2200 milliamp-hour battery that has been safety
tested for charging via your G-mee power adapter. To ensure the health
of your battery is maintained, your power adapter will charge your G-mee
in around six hours.

To ensure you can comfortably use your G-mee while it's being charged,
we have placed the micro USB power port at the top of your G-mee.

G-mee is not water-resistant, so be sure not to use your G-mee in a wet

it is recommended that when your battery level reaches 15% you plug it
in and recharge it.

Quick tip – Lithium-ion batteries have a longer lifespan when they are
not depleted below 15%.

Connecting G-mee to Wifi

Your G-mee device can connect to a 2.4 GHz wireless Internet hotspot.

To connect to Wi-Fi, open your Settings – select Network and Internet – select Wi-Fi.

You can now see all broadcasting Wi-Fi transmissions in your area.

Choose the Wi-Fi connection you would like to connect to and enter the password.

We recommend you check the show password box to ensure you are typing in the correct letters, numbers, and symbols.

After successfully entering the password or connection requirements, your G-mee will now be connected to the wireless network.

If the connection isn’t successful, you may have entered a letter, number, or symbol incorrectly so try again.

Once you have successfully connected to Wi-Fi your G-mee can now stream data.

A typical connection speed, depending on your Internet service will be around 40 to 50 Mb per second.

Add or Remove a Google Account

Your G-mee Plus or G-mee Connect are registered devices for Google
Mobile Services. This means they are licensed by Google and you can use a
range of Google services and applications by entering your Google
account details.

When setting up your G-mee Plus or G-mee Connect you will be prompted to
add your Google account.

If you don’t add your account during the initial setup you can add it

Open settings, accounts, and click on add account.

Once you’ve signed in with your username and password, your G-mee Plus
or G-mee Connect can be used as a device linked to your Google account.

Your G-mee Plus or G-mee Connect can now install apps from the Google
PlayStore, access your Gmail, use Google assistant and so much more.

You can remove your Google account at any time by going into settings,
accounts, and removing your account details.

Your G-mee Connect or G-mee Plus will continue to operate but will no
longer provide an integrated Google experience.

Setting the App Lock

Your G-mee device comes with built-in content controls to help manage
the apps that can be used on the device.

G-mee App Lock is a preinstalled feature that allows individual apps to
be encrypted and accessible only after entering a pin.

To open G-mee app lock, open your settings, click on Security &
Location, Advanced, App Locker.

You will now be asked to set a pin code.

Once chosen, select the apps you want to encrypt with g-mee App Lock –
this is displayed by the padlock next to each app. Locked means that it
is encrypted, unlocked means it's available to access without the pin.

Click on the switch at the top of the page to turn the feature on and
off at any time.

Be sure to test some of the locked apps you have selected to ensure they
have been successfully encrypted.

Each app is still installed and can still be used by simply entering
your selected pin code.

You can also use app lock to block access to your g-mee settings, by
locking ‘settings’ in the list.

You can still adjust basic functions like volume controls, but access to
the settings menu is now locked.

For those with a G-mee Plus or G-mee Connect, App Lock can also block
access to new apps being installed by locking the ‘Google PlayStore’.
You can now leave your google account entered into the PlayStore, but no
apps can be added to your g-mee without entering your pin.

All g-mee versions include g-mee App Lock.

Using Google Back Up Drive on your G-mee

You may already have a device with names, numbers and text messages that
you want to copy across to your new G-mee.

We’ve designed it so you can do just that on your G-mee Plus and G-mee

We recommend that you backup your data to the cloud and restore it from

During the setup process, you will be required to be connected to a
Wi-Fi-enabled network and sign into the same google account that the
backup was saved to.

Continue through the setup steps until you get to choose a backup. Make
sure you select the latest backup from your device and then select next.

Unless you want to start with a clean slate, you will want to select
“copy your data” to install your apps and data on your new G-mee.

To choose specifically what you want to restore and copy across to the
new phone – hit select all, or just pick the data you want to transfer
and then move onto the next step when prompted.

When complete, your phone will notify you and will return to the home

Installing Apps on you G-mee Play and G-mee Connect

Your G-mee Plus and G-mee Connect are preloaded with the Google Android 8.1 operating
system and is able to operate a wide selection of Android compatible

The Google PlayStore is pre-installed onto your G-mee Plus and G-mee Connect. This means
that you are able to use the Google Playstore to find, install, and keep
your favourite and compatible apps.

To use the Google PlayStore you will be required to have an active
Google Account.

If you didn’t enter the details during the setup of the device, you can
add your account details by navigating to settings and then the sub-menu
– accounts.

From time to time your G-mee Play  and G-mee Connect will ask you if the Google PlayStore
can update the apps installed on your device to keep them functioning
and to remove any bugs.

It is recommended by Google that you accept.

Setting Up your Bluetooth

Every G-mee device comes configured for Bluetooth version 4.0

This allows your G-mee to connect to a wide variety of headphones,
earbuds, speakers, large speakers and other Bluetooth accessories.

To pair to a new Bluetooth device, open your Settings – select connected
devices – choose ‘pair new device’.

Begin the pairing activation on the Bluetooth device you are attempting
to connect, making it visible to your G-mee.

Upon successful connection, your G-mee will notify you and the newly
paired device will be visible under the connected devices menu.

The distance your G-mee can connect to Bluetooth devices depends on a
range of factors, but depending on the device, typically you can get
anywhere between 1 to 10 meters with a stable connection.

You can save battery life by turning off the Bluetooth feature when not
in use.

Expanding Your Memory

Your G-mee is designed with 8 GB of built-in storage.

This storage
capacity is shared with the operating system of your G-mee.

Out-of-the-box your G-mee will have around 50% of the storage capacity

Some G-mee customers may want to expand the amount of storage available
on the G-mee. This can be done using a microSD.

Every G-mee has a
microSD slot built-in to the back of the device where you can add up to
32 GB of extra storage by inserting a microSD card.

First, ensure your G-mee is powered off.

Then remove the rear cover of your G-mee, carefully using a plastic

Once the back cover is removed, remove the battery and gently slide your
chosen MicroSD card into the available slot.

Reinsert your battery and power on your g-mee.

Your G-mee will now recognise the new microSD card and ask you some
questions while it configures the extra memory onto the device.

You can now use your G-mee with extra storage.

Resetting Your G-mee

If your g-mee is not behaving as it should, you might need to reset part
or all of the device.

This could be needed if your g-mee is not opening and closing apps
correctly, having issues turning off and on or is generally not behaving
the way you would expect to.

To reset your G-mee access your settings, click on reset options and
choose from the three choices available.

Reset Wi-Fi, mobile and Bluetooth will clear your G-mee of the
connection protocols you have set with other wireless devices and your
Wi-Fi Internet connection.

All your other data will remain untouched.

Reset app preferences will clear all of your usernames and passwords,
saved data and other app-based information you have created.

Your saved
data will remain untouched

Erase all data is a factory reset that will reset the entire G-mee
device back to default like the first time you unboxed your device.

Once you have finished your chosen reset, continue using your G-mee.

Battery Tips for your G-mee

Every G-mee comes with a 2200 milliamp-hour removable battery.

With a full charge, your G-mee can get you at least one day of regular
use and around 5 days of standby use.

From within settings, there are adjustments that you can do to make your
battery last even longer.

– Switch off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when they are not being used.
– Set the screen to dim after a minute.
– Take advantage of the Scheduled power on and off feature.

You can
automatically turn off your G-mee after you’ve gone to sleep and turn it
back on when you wake in the morning.

Take a look at the battery section in settings where you will find even
more information on how

From advice on how to set up your device to suggestions on how to better the different G-mee features, we will publish it all here. This is a live site, so check back regularly for new content and we’d love to hear if there is something you would like us to post here that you feel will help others have a great experience. Send it to us via the ‘Contact Us’ button below to submit any suggestions.

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