Running Out of Storage? Expand G-mee device storage with a MicroSD

Every Gmee device can incorporate a microSD card that allows the expansion of device storage capacity. The maximum MicroSD size is 64gb (originally we thought it was 32GB, but a recent update allows the higher size to work).  

If you’re a customer that wants to install more on the device then it’s easy to purchase a microSD card and insert it into the slot, just above the battery bay, on the left. 

Your device will recognise a card has been entered and ask you how you intend to use the memory capacity on this card. At this time, if you want to use the device for storing data for apps, or music or movies, choose ‘extra phone storage’.

Then request the card to be reformatted

Once formatted your G-mee can move data from the internal card to the microSD card, and your Gmee device will manage this transfer for you.

Once this task is complete your new storage solution is ready to use.

Now you’re expanded storage has been added, you may choose to install future apps to the microSD card so that your internal memory does not continue to fill. You can also uninstall apps installed on the internal memory and reinstall them to the microSD memory as a way of generating space in your internal memory storage.

How To Turn The G-mee Connect Into A Talk & Text Phone

Some customers just want the ability to make and receive phone calls, and send and receive SMS. We get it, having access to modern apps is not always something you want to give to children OR maybe you don’t need anything more than just talk/text.

With G-mee Connect it’s possible to achieve this.

With a few quick adjustments to the G-mee Connect Settings, you switch off cellular data and JUST have access to talk and text.

Each handset requires an ‘Access Point Name’ to be entered into the smart phone. This is an address provided by your mobile operator. This allows the device to talk to the cellular tower so data can upload and download. If you remove this address any feature that requires data will no longer work. This means the device will default back to only allowing phone calls and SMS. This is not a permanent outcome, simply re-enter the APN address for your provider and your Smart features will continue once data begins to flow.

But, some of you are asking whether it’s possible to lockdown this feature, so certain members of your family can’t re-enter the APN address with out you knowing and once again gain access to cellular data! Well, that’s possible to, using ‘G-mee App Lock’ included in every G-mee device.
We have produced a walk-through video that shows you how to do both these features.

Click on these links for the step-by-step guides.

G-mee Talk & Text

Using G-mee’s App Lock

Block and Manage Calls Using G-mee Call Manager

From the point at which we began designing our very first G-mee Connect, our goal was to provide greater control over different areas of the Smartphone experience. At the heart of every smartphone is the ability to make and receive phone calls. As such, the plan was to give customers the ability to take back control of their inbound and outbound phone call traffic.

For parents, it means their kids who they have provided a G-mee Connect can set rules around who the handset can call and who can be called. A parent can set the G-mee Connect to ring Mum and Dad, or receive calls from Mum and Dad, but won’t be able to make any other calls (beyond calling emergency services) outside of that shortlist. Parents can from time to time check the inbound call log and see what numbers have been blocked from ringing on their child’s phone.

For older Australians, call block will assist in gaining control over who can call in and when. Don’t want calls interrupting your dinner, or to receive calls while you are asleep? Easy, set a timeframe when all calls go to voicemail. Don’t want to receive calls from overseas numbers? Yes, you can block any number that does not start with the domestic number dialing prefix. You can even configure G-mee Call Block so the only people that can ring you are those that are on your contact list.

The list of features provided within G-mee Call Block is extensive, and we are really proud to offer this app at no extra charge for our G-mee Connect customers.

To take advantage of G-mee Call Block, download the app from our website to your G-mee Connect and install it to the handset. The app is not included on the Google Playstore, but it is safe to download and install directly from us.

We have put together a video to provide you guidance on the installation process. Please post any questions you might have to G-mee Support so we can help you make the most of the G-mee Call Block service.

Downloading and Installing G-mee’s Call Manager

Connecting Your G-mee Connect Device To Your Telco Providers Data

Every phone network provider has a different address that your phone needs to use to access the providers data network.

It’s called an APN (Access Point Name) setting.

Usually, when you add the Sim card to the device and switch it on, the APN setting automatically loads in. However sometimes this does not occur, so you need to manually enter it.

For your Gmee connect you can quickly add the APN setting for your provider by following these instructions.

Open – ‘Settings’ – ‘Network & Internet’ – ‘Mobile Network’ – ‘Advanced’ – ‘Access Point Names’

Now your device is in the correct section to enter the correct APN for your provider.

Open the APN setting marked with a dot on the right side. Open this APN.

Enter the correct APN information. Most providers require a ‘Name’ and ‘APN’ to be entered in a case sensitive manner. Once you have entered the settings for your provider, select ‘Save’.

If your device does not immediately connect to your network providers data service, select engage and then disengage Airplane mode. 

Connect with your family and friends virtually

Around the world families and friends are connecting and spending time together via virtual chat services due to the limited movements and self-isolation. 

Well if you’re new to it all and not sure on how best to connect with your family and friends, we’ve got a few options that you are bound to love.


The video conferencing app Zoom has surged in popularity this year as it’s being used to host everything from virtual classrooms to church services, blind dates, bucks’ nights and even big corporates to host their conferences. 

Personally, one of the team has used it to schedule family catchups once a week to chat with their relatives locally as well as across the country. Since its best to self-isolate in this time and stay home, it’s a great way to check in on everyone and spend some time together.

Netflix Party

There’s a plugin for internet browser Google Chrome called Netflix Party. What it does is allows you to watch Netflix with your friends online, synchronizes video playback and adds the ability to have a group chat to share your theories of what’s going to happen next in your favourite show. 

Host long-distance movie nights and tv watch parties together with Netflix Party. 

Facebook Messenger

Whether you want to play a game with your grandkids, or just do something fun to pass the time while you video chat, Facebook Messenger has a range of AR games that they have integrated into their Messenger video chat. 

To browse the games, you press the start button to open the filter menu, then select one of the games. While it isn’t something you would necessarily do on your own, it’s a great way to interact with children who aren’t always the easiest to have a conversation with.   


From messaging to calling, sending voice messages and even video chatting, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps around. With end-to-end encryption, web-based international calling and the fact that it’s free all plays in its favour when it comes to connecting to both family and friends no matter where they are and no matter what device they use. 

Once you’ve finished connecting to your friends and family, grab your G-mee Play and unwind with a favourite music playlist.

Installing Your Sim and Connecting To Your Provider – G-mee Connect

Your G-mee Connect comes with a single Micro Sim slot, compatible for calls, sms and data. Unlocked and ready to connect to your chosen provider (compatible with all three Australian Mobile Network Providers – Telstra, Optus and Vodafone).

To get connected to your network, you will need a Micro Sim card. Sim cards come in three different sizes, Standard, micro and nano. Most sim cards are sold together as one with the ability to pop out the correctly sized sim card that your device requires.

If you are using a Nano Sim card, you can use this card in your G-mee Connect, but you must place the Nano Sim inside the plastic edging that allows the sim card fit a Micro Sim card slot. If you slide the Nano sim card into the slot without this edging the G-mee Connect will not recognise the sim card.

Now, insert your Micro sim card in the G-mee, ensure the battery is in place and close the back cover of the device. 

Power on your device and the inserted sim card will supply your G-mee Connect with the information it needs to connect to your chosen Mobile Network provider.

Depending on your provider, your G-mee Connect may need more information to connect to the phone network so it can download and upload data. This information is called the ‘Access Point Name’ or APN settings.

You can add this information by visiting Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Advanced > Access point names.

Once here, select the option for your provider from the list.

If your provider isn’t listed, you can enter the specific APN setting that will enable your device to connect better to your chosen mobile network. Be sure to enter this information into the APN setting marked with a dot on the right side of the page. This is the setting your G-mee Connect is using when it sends and receives mobile data.

Now you can enter the specific APN settings that will assist your G-mee Connect to better connect to your chosen mobile network.

If you need the APN details of your chosen network, you can find a selection of them below;

TPG Mobile