Resetting Your App Preferences

These steps outline on how to reset app preferences and enable you to update your apps.

  1. Go to Settings then System

2. Choose ‘Reset Options’

3. Choose ‘Reset App Preferences’

4. Once you have done this, go back to the audio settings and you should be able to choose ‘General’ and ‘Edit’. Now when you click on the selected Ringtone you should then be shown the below image.

5. Choose ‘Media Storage’ and ‘Just Once’, then you will be shown the list of available Ring Tones to choose

Changing Ring Tones on your G-mee Connect

Your G-mee Connect ships with a range of included ring tones. You can either choose from the list of included ring tones provided or add your own ring tone sourced from elsewhere. 

Choose From Included Ringtones –  

  1. To access the ring tone area on the device open SETTINGS/AUDIO PROFILES.

You are now in the ‘audio profiles’ section and can make a range of customisations around how your device will ring or beep or generally make sounds.

3. Under the heading ‘Ringtone’ click on the pre-selected option (for this device ‘Boost Digital Phone) and a pop-up window will display asking you to choose between ‘Media Storage’ and ‘Custom Ringtones’. Choose ‘Media Storage’ and select the option ‘Just Once’. If you are unable to see the ‘Complete action using’ window, you will need to reset your app preferences. Please follow these instructions.

2. To adjust the ring tone the predefined audio profile you are using, and hold it down for two seconds.

A pop-up menu appears showing the word ‘Edit’.

Click on ‘Edit’ and you will be shown further customisations that can be done for the selected audio profile.

4. You will now be presented with a list of ring tones that you can choose from.

Add New Ringtones –

To import a new ring tone to your device click on the ‘+ Add ringtone’.

This will open a new window where you can choose from ring tones that have been either loaded to a microSD card and inserted into the microSD slot on the device OR ring tones that you have downloaded via your browser to the devices download folder.

You can then add these imported ring tones to the list of tones available for selection.

Harry Potter On Spotify, Read By Beckham, Radcliffe and More

Harry Potter fans take note, you can now enjoy the wonders J.K. Rowling on Spotify and Spotify Kids. Spotify made it clear many months ago they plan to be an audio entertainment platform, not just a place where you listen to music. Podcasts arrived first and now the wonders of boy wizard Harry Potter as an audio book has just been announced.

The first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone has been released on the platform read by well-known stars such as Stephen Fry, David Beckham and of course Daniel Radcliffe.

There are already lots of Harry Potter reading and  commentary on the Spotify platform already, but this is the first time we have seen well-known stars, in their homes, reading to you in your home.

Readings are being released on a chapter by chapter basis, with Daniel Radcliffe the first reader, kicking off with Chapter 1. To find the readings under this promotion, search your Spotify or Spotify kid’s app with ‘Harry Potter At Home Reading’. The first chapter goes for 25 minutes and chapters will be released regularly.

Your G-mee device is a great way to play Spotify and Spotify Kids, and with the out-of-the-box safety features of no camera and built-in app lock feature, you can give the whole family access to these Harry Potter audio experiences via the Spotify and Spotify Kids App.

GadgetGuy: G-mee may save your kids from a bad habit – a smartphone one!

Read the full review on the GagdetGuy website.

G-mee is the brainchild of Charlie and Rachael Brown – you may know him from the Channel 9 Cybershack TV show.

G-mee is really a personal content player that integrates measures for safe exploration of smart technology. It has an innovative pre-installed ‘G-mee app lock’ to guide the user’s smart device experience, and curb temptations to over-share or exposure to online risks, such as cyber-bullying.

You can block apps such as Facebook, YouTube or streaming services that can expose users to unsuitable content, or place them at risk of cyber-bullying. It is parental control on the device!

So, we decided to review the phone. And that is in two parts. Less important is the hardware. Most important is the app lock.

To read the full review from GadgetGuy simply click here.

We are back online!

The last seven days this website and others published by CBN Media have been off-line.

The issue was noticed by our team on Thursday last week and at the time we lodged technical support query with our managed server provider GoDaddy. Over the last seven days we have been in daily contact with GoDaddy as to the planned reactivation of our service. Each day we were told our issue was being ‘looked at’, ‘worked on’ or ‘escalated’. Unfortunately, during this period our websites remained off-line.

As of this morning, we have noticed the websites are once again active and all service disruptions have ceased. We are yet to hear from GoDaddy as to the cause of the issue. We have noticed that domestic and international media reporting a major security breach of the GoDaddy account service. This breach was reported by GoDaddy to authorities late last month. We don’t know whether our managed server incident and this wider GoDaddy incident are related, and regardless the breach to the GoDaddy account service occurred in October 2019.

As such, we don’t see any issues relating to any data residing on our managed server at this time.

That is the update and we are pleased that we can now get back to publishing great content once again.

5 Phones Under $200 That Run COVIDsafe App

The COVIDsafe app is out, letting people track their exposure to Covid-19 via their phones. There’s a few light requirements on the COVIDsafe app – the phone must have Bluetooth enabled, and run Android 6.0 or higher, or Android Go.
If you’ve got a really old phone, it may not be compatible with the app – but there’s still inexpensive options to upgrade to newer platforms. Not only do you get better app compatibility, but fewer security issues and, of course, all the nice features offered on newer versions of Android.
The G-mee Connect coming in at $149.95 offers Android 9.0, 32GB of storage, and a range of security-minded features like call and SMS blocking.
Nokia’s 1.3 Android Go smartphone is the first to be updated to Android 10, and is designed to be a great barebones smartphone experience for those on a tight budget. It’s available for $169
Stepping up to the Nokia 2.3 gets you Android Go like its smaller sibling, but also a larger display and accordingly larger battery. You can get one for $199.
The Alcatel 1S provides a smooth experience thanks to an octa-core processor and 3GB of RAM – most phones in this budget range offer slightly less powerful internal hardware. The Alcatel 1S costs $199.
The Vivo Y12 provides a huge 5000mAh battery that should last most users two days comfortably, along with a big 6.35-inch display, and 64GB of onboard storage, while most other phones in the range only offer 32GB. $199 will get you the Vivo Y12 in your choice of red or blue.
Oppo’s sister company Realme offers budget smartphones like the Realme C2 with 64GB of storage, attractive outer design and decent hardware specs. The Realme C2 is available for $199.
Budget phones don’t have to mean a poor smartphone experience, and any of these options will get you updated to a newer platform for under $200.

WhistleOut: G-mee Plus Review

Read the full review on the WhistleOut website.

G-mee makes devices specifically for children, meaning they are durable, and filled to the brim with online safety features straight out of the box. While every G-mee device looks like a phone, the G-mee Plus is a WiFi only media device, which can be a viable alternative to passing over your phone anytime your little one wants to watch a video or play a game.

Having spent over 14 years working with kids, and with a degree to prove it, I know my way around toddler and teenage tantrums alike. If you’re looking for a phone, or a phone alternative for your own child then you’re probably familiar with them too.

It’s no secret that children and adults operate differently; no grown up has ever asked me what my third favourite reptile is, and then cried and threw a toy at the wall when it wasn’t the frilled neck lizard. So when we’re looking at a phone that’s made for kids, it’s important to think like one.

While there are a range of factors that separate the men from the boys, and the women from the girls, it can boil down to just four main aspects.

  1. Physical
    Tiny humans have tiny hands, enough said.
  2. Emotional regulation
    Adults have greater control over their emotions. We can identify how we feel and take steps to handle those emotions. Children however, might not be able to differentiate between angry and tired, or hungry and sad, and tend to act unpredictably because of it.
  3. Narcissism and empathy
    There are self-obsessed adults, but children are all tiny, cherub narcissists who only care about themselves. In fact children don’t develop empathy properly until they’re around seven years old. If an activity or moment doesn’t serve them, then they are likely to abandon it or derail it so the focus can be back where it belongs, solely on them.
  4. Impulsivity
    Children have no filter. If you look tired, they will almost definitely tell you loudly, and usually in a crowd. Kids tend to act on impulse, if a thought or whim compels them then it will almost definitely manifest into reality.

You’re probably thinking “cool story, but what does this have to do with anything?” To properly ascertain whether the G-mee Plus is the right device for your kid, I’m going to be pitting it against the four cornerstones of childishness. Is it up for the challenge? Let’s see.

To read the full review from WhistleOut simply click here.

4 Ways To Increase Your Mindfulness and Wellbeing With Your Device

Mindfulness and wellbeing are hot topics for people of all ages. It is something that is being taught at schools as it can even make students more focused and more engaged learners, as well as being a resource used at work as it supports stress management, focus and increases connections both at work and at home. 

Here are some options available to help you develop your mindfulness. 

Smiling Mind is a free web and app-based mindfulness meditation program that is developed by psychologists and educators. As the program is not-for-profit, it means that they are focus on being driven by the impact they can have, and not the reoccurring monthly fees. 

In as little as 10 minutes a day, you can have a daily mindfulness and meditation guide at your fingertips and follow the free programs. 

Every time you open the app, you will get a different session to try out with a mix of vocal instructions and background music. 

If you want to subscribe, you can set up a targeted session to focus where you want. Say you’ve been sitting all day and want to target your lower back – no problem. 

The app is currently entirely free until May 1. 


With a wide array of podcasters and podcasts to choose from, you can be lead in daily guided meditations that can help you in different aspects of your life. 

The Daily Meditation Podcast is one that focuses on different styles and techniques to help you manage. Stress, sleep better, gain focus and find clarity in as little as 8-minutes to help you start your day. 

While you may not think of it as a mindfulness and meditation app, but through the streaming service, you actually have access to playlists full of exercises, meditation music, and so much more. 

Get your zen on, focus on your breathing and let the worries just fall away. 

Center your body, mind and spirit with your choice of these services which are all available on G-mee. Tune out the distractions and find your balance. 

The audio platforms that are perfect for the school holidays

From science fiction to education, business development and even kids books, there are a number of audio options available to give your loved ones the audio experience and me time that we all need.

Audible is the world’s largest producer and provider of spoken-word entertainment and audiobooks, so there are bound to be a few in their collection that you are sure to love.

With the ability to set up a monthly subscription to audible, you can purchase audiobooks for half the price with membership setting you back around $16.45 per month. This fee gives you one credit to use on an audiobook of your choice, and exclusive member pricing to buy a second book in the month.

Right now Audible is offering the ability to stream an incredible collection of stories while schools are closed so that they can keep on dreaming. Available across six different languages and everything from Harry Potter through to Peter Rabbit, all the favourites are there and ready to be accessed.

Did you know that your local library is prepared and has thousands of audiobooks and ebooks available for you to borrow them without an issue?

With an integrated ebook reader and an audiobook player, you can borrow books in just a few taps. Prefer to read your ebooks from your kindle? No issues there as you can send them there for your kindle reading.

Imagine getting the summed up version of your non-fiction books with all the key messages given right to you? Well, Blinkist does just that to provide you with the ability to learn anything anytime, anywhere in only 15 minutes so you can listen to insights from leading thinkers while on the go.

Take complete advantage of all of these platforms with your G-mee now. Which one will you choose?

5 Great Podcasts To Give Your Kids Downtime Over The Holidays

Podcasts are a great way to escape into engaging storytelling or to learn new facts and information. Well, there are some incredible podcasts around that your kids are bound to love. 

Available on both Spotify and Apple Podcasts, you will be able to listen to all of them without any issues on your G-mee. 

Story Pirates 


Apple Podcasts 

Made by a group of actors, comedian, improvisers and musicians, the Story Pirates team adapt stories written by kids into sketch comedy and musical theatre. Every week the crew take original stories from real kids and turn them into a funny comedy podcast for kids. 

Wow in the World 


Apple Podcasts 

Want to learn about the wonders of the world, or as they like to call them – Wow’s. 

Wow in the world is the first podcast for kids from NPR, and it covers things from space and science to new technology and discovering the people changing the world as we know it. Hosts Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz, guide curious kids and their parents on a journey into the wonders of the world around them. 

But Why 


Apple Podcasts 

Every family is well acquainted with the infamous words “but why?”  

Thankfully there is a podcast that is made precisely for those curious kids. From why people have nightmares? To are llamas ticklish? The team behind But Why answer all the tough questions. 

Squiz Kids 


Apple Podcasts 

The Squiz Kids is a tailor-made news podcast that is targeted for children aged between 8 to 12. In a short amount of time, the team give a rundown on the big news events with some comedy and positivity. Every weekday morning a new episode is dropped, designed to slip easily into families’ morning routines seamlessly. 

That’s Incredible 


Apple Podcasts 

Packed with incredible facts and fantastic stories, the team from That’s Incredible go on an adventure and experience topics like the human body, sport, music, science, technology and space. 

That’s Incredible is a Mumamia podcast made in partnership with Suburu and hosted by Andrew Daddo. 

Take your kids on an adventure with one of these podcasts made just for them with their very own G-mee Plus.