Life360 on G-mee Connect

Life360 is a live tracing and communication service. The app is used by families all over the world in part to assist parents track the movements of the children. The Life360 app requires consistent uploading and downloading data to provide the live update feature. This not only uses data that counts to your monthly allowance, but it can drain the battery more quickly. Your G-mee Connect includes a number of pre-configured power management solutions. You can choose a different solution depending on how efficient your battery drain needs to be. We have tested Life360 on the following battery optimisation level and found the service to work correctly. We also heard from other G-mee Connect users they’ve also enjoy the same success. 

Aim is to achieve an outcome where the device is operating in a power efficient way, but the Life360 app is still operating in the background to provide live tracing.

To achieve the optimum setting of the device we want to select the ‘Smart saving mode’. To find this start in the settings menu and choose the ‘Battery’ option.

Then choose the ‘Battery Saver’ option which is halfway down the list.

Inside Battery Saver you are now being offered three different modes. 

Smart saving mode is the best option to choose. We have found that life 360 works as normal, but you will still likely get over a days use of the device when you start with a 100% charge in the morning.

Power saving mode aims to allow your device to last for around two days before needing to be recharged. It does this by stopping the background function of the bulk of apps that are running. Your email will not automatically download, your weather app won’t get the latest alerts and your Life360 service will definitely not update with the devices current position.

Ultra saving mode uses the least matter power, the place is the greatest amount of restrictions on the performance of the apps on the device. Under this option the G-Mee Connect will essentially be useful for calls and text, but not much else.

How We Protect Your G-mee

We want you to have a great experience with your G-mee and protecting you, and your device is part of that commitment.

Each G-mee device comes with a clear plastic protective case. This is included in every box and our goal is that you attach the case to your device before you start using it.

Every G-mee also comes with a clear protective film that is stuck to your G-mee touchscreen. This is used so that during manufacture, as lots of sets of hands touch the device, your touchscreen is protected from scratches and blemishes. Please remove this plastic film before use, especially if you use a G-mee Connect as the protective film covers the earpiece and the microphone. With the protective film left on, it may affect the ability of your ear speaker and microphone to operate correctly.

Our commitment to safety goes much further than the inclusions we provide with G-mee devices. During the design phase of G-mee devices we conducted a range of tests across a number of standardised areas of the device. The Wi-Fi antenna, the battery, the power adapter and the circuit board are just some of the areas we test to ensure correct operating behaviour. For the G-mee Connect, we also test the cellular antennas across both 4G and 3G frequencies, and for every transmitting band the device operates to ensure the electromagnetic radiation output is well below the maximum allowable to be considered safe for use.

We do all this because we want your G-mee device to be fun and safe to use.

If you’ve got any questions on safety or have any ideas on we can provide further improvements to benefit customers, we would love to hear from you.

Making the Most of Mindfulness

May is mindfulness month apparently. Unfortunately, I missed it, but smiling mind has an initiative in June. That’s better I thought, we haven’t gotten to June yet.

Taking the time to recalibrate yourself has been one of the things I hope to take away from the lockdown adventure. Each day, at some time during the day, taking 10 to 15 minutes to put on some headphones and shut out the noise is made every day that much better for me. No notifications or calls, SMS or email alerts. Just mind balancing exercise and nothing else.

I use my G-mee, of course I’d use this device, I am the creator of it. However, you can use any device that gives you the same result. The key thing is to shut out the interruptions and give yourself the time to just float.

Smiling mind is a great app to use and they run regular exercises to help specifically in this area. But you can choose from a range of different options. Some days I listen to classical music. I have a playlist on my Spotify that goes for 20 minutes. I slip on my Bluetooth, noise cancelling headphones and press play on the headphones. I lean back in my chair with my feet on the desk and everything else melts away.

Other days I listen to a meditation podcast. There are loads of them around just download a couple and save them on your device. Now regardless of whether you have Internet or not you can play that pod cast.

I’ve also found that it helps to change up your location from time to time. There is a nice spot on my office Veranda that gets full sun around 11 AM. I also like to lie back on the grass, again in the full sun, with my sunglasses on. I leave my G-mee nearby and relax.

By moving away from your desk it does help to cut down external distractions. No phone, no laptop and no alerts.

So smiling mind, a classical music playlist or a meditation pod cast, you choose, but do it every day and try and do it around the same time every day. For me it helped clear my head for the afternoon and provided more clarity between the work I’m doing the morning and the things that are most pressing for me to get to in the afternoon.

Good luck and go find your mindfulness solution.

G-Mee Is A Safe Device, But What Does This Mean?

We want you to have peace of mind when using your G-mee device. To achieve this we believe in testing G-mee to the widely used and accepted system of standardised safety testing. By testing G-mee to these standards, we also get the peace of mind knowing that G-mee is safe and you, our customer can also check the safety testing behind the device.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has an outline on how Technology suppliers can be registered at a ‘Responsible Supplier’

The responsible supplier number for the parent company for G-mee’s parent, CBN Media is E7918. We have also complied with ERAC/EESS, and the Equipment Number for the power supply adaptor is E2019024075.

The Story Behind G-mee

Around two years ago we began a journey, one that we hoped would create a brand-new type of smart device. We had begun creating G-mee. G-mee wasn’t trying to be all things to all people, but give everybody the chance to enjoy their favourite entertainment apps, without all the interruptions that can come with your day-to-day smart device.

We also wanted this device to be something that even more people in the community could use, and use safely.

The opportunity for you to create your own entertainment ecosystem, whereever you might be. Just by putting on some headphones, listening to the inbuilt speaker or connecting a larger one.

We didn’t want to include cameras or social media, or email and a browser. We want a device that would be free of alerts and reminders. G-mee would be a device you could pick up, swipe up and hit play on whatever your favourite entertainment apps should be.

For us it was music, my kids have used G-mee in their rooms to listen to their Spotify accounts. Others who have trialled G-mee during the development talk of enjoying audiobooks and podcasts.

For you G-mee might help you enjoy something else, but whatever it is, we hope that G-mee helps bring you your favourite entertainment.